Who We Are


Hello, I'm Diana, owner of Ks Got You Covered, but you can call me Aunt K, just like my 14 nieces and nephews do! I'm a proud Veteran wife to my husband Don and honored to be the Mother of my fantastic daughter, Song.

This journey began when I noticed our grocery and home product bills skyrocketing and thinking enough is enough!!! As I sat at my sewing machine, I wondered, "Is there something I can sew to reduce waste in our home?" A light bulb went off and the eco-friendly ball got rolling! I started making products for family and friends during the holidays but after quite a lot of convincing...and quitting my job...I pushed forward and created Ks Got You Covered.

Since 2019, we've expanded to employing multiple seamstresses and customer service/sales positions. Most importantly though, we built a caring team that's dedicated to educating the public about the pleasures of going zero waste. Lately, we've been welcomed to major markets in the Southeast but our products are sold across the United States and Canada! 

Join us on this journey won't you? Going zero waste doesn't have to mean stuffing all of your trash in a mason jar! Taking small steps and replacing items like paper towels with PaperLESS Wipes and plastic wrap with Beeswax Food Wraps is an easy place to start! Let's get sustainable!

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