Get Ready for the Day, the Sustainable Way!

Have you thought about how disposable your morning or evening routine can be? From the products in your shower to the ones on the family vanity, there's plenty of sustainable swaps to make the day a little more eco-friendly including face wipes, shampoo, and even deodorant!

Are you spending too much on big brand face wipes filled with toxins?  Try a different and more cost-effective approach! As one of the most disposable products in the United States, they add up in the trash quickly. Each night, women across the nation use 1, 2, and sometimes 3 wipes which becomes quite pricey and wasteful. Instead, a $10 pack of 10 Facial Rounds can last over 6 months (or more) compared to the leading market wasteful face wipe.

Rounds can also be used for facial cleansers and toners, first aid, baby face wipes, and of course, makeup removal. After use, place the rounds in the wash with the normal towel or rag load and happily reuse them over and over again. Saving money and the planet couldn't be easier with this quick switch!

Did you know almost every toothbrush that every family member of yours has ever used is still on this planet somewhere? Pretty sad, right? Make a sustainable and compostable swap instead with Bamboo Toothbrushes that are made from 100% natural, eco-friendly Moso bamboo.

Moso bamboo, if you didn't know, grows quickly and can be harvested in just a few short years and doesn't use a wasteful amount of water making it one of the most zero waste dental options. The great part is that they compost months after you dispose of them instead of centuries like plastic! Bamboo toothbrushes are also safe on enamel, gentle on gums, and can be used by children 8 and older. Who knew preserving the environment involved dental health?

Think about a stick of much of that item is plastic? From the cap and the top that covers the bar to the twistie bottom, it's just about ALL wasteful. With a Deodorant Bar, you're paying for just the product and not the plastic, plus once it's gone, it's GONE! There's nothing left to throw in the trash can! 

Most of the "pucks" available on the market are aluminum-free and paraben-free vegan deodorants that are designed to keep you fresh with a very light application. Since they only need one light swipe per armpit, they last much longer than ordinary deodorants, plus the enzymes in the formulas zap odor-causing bacteria while bamboo extract helps to absorb excess wetness. Give it a try!

Ditch the plastic bottle and start using a solid shampoo and conditioner. Skipping the beauty aisle not only creates less waste but most solid bars provide a powerful and natural formula that leaves hair feeling just as fresh as the brand in the shower. Solid bars are also perfect for "small living." RV and tiny home lifers will love how compact these items are and how they can be stored in the smallest of spaces.

There's no doubt that bars are definitely a more cost-effective product but you're saving the environment by limiting those pesky plastic bottles from entering the local dump during your self-care routine, how neat!

Love to buy luxury handcrafted bars of soap but wish there was a way to use every last bit? That's when a Soap Saver comes in handy! Savers are bags you can throw those little slivers in that continue to suds up until your favorite artisan blends are gone.

With the Ks Got You Covered Soap Saver, you'll have a handle so it never slips from your hand and it also features 2 incredible sides! One is for scrubbing up those areas that need exfoliation leaving smooth skin, and the terry cloth side is simple for all-over washing. Plus, you can throw it into the washing machine with your towel load and REUSE! Help stretch those last bits of your preferred soap with a Soap Saver and tell those crazy plastic poofy loofah things to step aside, there's a more eco-friendly product on the market!


Making swaps are easily and affordable. There often comes a notion that zero waste living is expensive and involves collecting trash in neat little jars, but it's so much more than that. It's about thinking realistically about what switches you can make that are logical for the environment and the family. Just remember when shopping, is there an option that would work best with my lifestyle that doesn't produce as much waste? 

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